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National Center for Tourism Information and Promotion - Saturn

Primaria Mangalia

Adresa: Şos. Constanţei, nr.13, 905500, Mangalia, România

Telefon: 0241.75.10.60, 0241.75.10.30



Mangalia-Olimp     Saturn is the resort in the immediate vicinity of Mangalia city, being administratively connected. Situated at 43 km from Constanta, Saturn is an attractive resort for the advantages it offers. Being rich in vegetation and quiet, Saturn is be pursued by those who desire a relaxing vacation, isolated from a daily busy life. All accommodation units are surrounded by green areas and trees that offer fresh air and a good temperature during hot summers. Another advantage of the resort is given by the hypothermal sulphurous sources and therapeutic mud, both used for gynaecological diseases and locomotor system. Unlike other Romanian resorts, Saturn is not expensive and that lead to being preferred by many tourists for their summer holidays. Shortly, Saturn is a summer resort, quiet, with many green areas where tourists can fully enjoy the advantages of nature.


     Saturn is the first of the 5 resorts of southern seaside, as an extension of Mangalia city and entered into the touristic circuit in 1971, when the Romanian seaside developed extensively. It was then when a hotel chain got into service. Located in the Comorova (forest) area, Saturn has a warmer climate than Costinesti, Eforie or Mamaia resorts. The sea currents have a great contribution to the climate and the 21 sulphurous mesothermal sources give the resort a great healing quality. The mud extracted from Mangalia moor is three times greater than the mud extracted from Techirghiol Lake.


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H 18 • L 18


ENplaja    In Saturn, the beach has a surface of 72.577 m2 and has umbrellas, chaises longues, shower cabins, life-guard and first aid station. The beach is covered with grit sand and has sport ground, volleyball, basketball, badminton, children play-ground, beach bar, dances and various activities, water sports facilities, motorboats and sailboats. Water’s quality is excellent, the sand is clean the beach is well maintained and daily loosed. Saturn resort is located between Mangalia city and Venus. In the south, the beach is laced with artificial bays which stretch out far into dry land, narrowing the sandy area. Near Venus resort, the beach is up to 150 meters width and without any bays. This is the area where the famous sulphurous mesothermal sources are, also as showers. In the south, the beach is connected with Mangalia’s beach, a 30.105 m2 beach, always with clean sea water and a very good sand quality. As facilities, Mangalia beach has umbrellas, chaises-longues, sport fields, night events, water bicycles, bungee jumping and springboard, life-guard and first aid station.


ROterasa      Saturn has 13000 accommodation places in hotels, villas, boarding houses and campsites. Most are 2 and 3 stars hotels but there is also a 4 stars hotel and a 5 stars one. The last one bears the name of the resort and offers modern accommodation spaces, with quality services. Most 3 stars hotels have been restored, upgrading their services. “Hora” and “Balada” hotels have modern health spa facilities. The villas and boarding houses are recently built and situated on the area of “Dunarea” and “Delta” holiday villages. For those who prefer tent accommodation, there is also a camping area. There are numerous options for serving meals: hotel restaurant, gardens, pizza places, restaurants and fast-foods.



    National and International spa resort on the Black Sea seaside incorporates the antic Callatian relics (6th century B.C.), with the richness of natural therapeutic factors:

  • Sulphurous, chlorinated, bicarbonated, sodic, calcic, mesothermal mineral waters (25°-27°).
  • Sea water with a total mineralization of 15,5/l.
  • Therapeutic sapropelic mud , extracted and brought from Techirghiol Lake and Mangalia Sloop
  • Marine bioclimate rich in saline aerosols


    “Aqua Park Balada” is located within “Balada” hotel and is a tourist attraction, with swimming pools, water slides, Jacuzzi, bars, children play grounds. “Satul de Vacanta Dunarea” (Dunarea Holiday Village) and “Satul de Vacanta Delta” (Delta Holiday Village) offer some more fun options, mainly for children. Very close to Saturn is “Mangalia Stud Farm” (Herghelia Mangalia) where the climatic conditions have made possible the breeding of a Mangalia Arabian horse. The Stud Farm is an excellent attraction and has a hippodrome both for gallop and trot. Alongside the Black Sea coast, one can take recreational rides, on horseback or horse drawn carriage.